the best thing about the david lynch ice bucket challenge is how the trumpet dies off when the ice and double espresso is poured over his head i M ON THE FLOOR


David Lynch’s Ice Bucket Challenge


" Couldn’t she get drowned? "


250 Favorite Classic Films in no particular order
Living Russia (Man with a Movie Camera) (1929)


Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

jim spillin the truth beans 


Clara Bow 1926, photo by Eugene Robert Richee

Not long ago, a friend asked me what was the greatest pleasure I got from spending my whole life as an actor. There have been so many that I had to think about that for a moment. Then I said, “Like everyone else, I like to be with a happy crowd.”.

Bette Davis │ Three on a Match, 1932


Tyrone Power in “That Wonderful Urge”, 1948

Conscience. That stuff can drive you nuts.


Annabelle Moore in “Annabelle Butterfly Dance” (1894).

k but can we talk abt paul and rob in butch cassidy im feeling